"Circle process is more than just putting chairs in a circle, it is a dialog process that works intentionally to create a safe space to discuss very difficult or painful issues in order to improve relationships and resolve differences.  The intent of the circle is to find resolutions that serve every member of the circle.  The process is based on an assumption of equal worth and dignity for all participants and therefore provides equal voice to all participants."  (Kay Pranis)

    The facilitator of the circle works on values and guidelines before talking about the differences or conflict.  Participants must recognize that the circle process is hard work, takes time, and that participation is completely voluntary.  Circles can especially be helpful for conflicts that involve multiple parties, for example: between neighbors, multiple coworkers, a leadership team, juvenile offenses, family crisis, or between youth.


Communication Skills Trainings

     Strong communication skills are the building blocks to healthy relationships and successful conflict management.  While speaking may come natural to most of us, what we say and how we say it is crucial to communicating the correct message.  Listening well is more than just a good idea, it is the key to unlocking a productive and healthy conversation.

     If you are interested in developing these skills, or simply wish to take a refresher course, join us for one of our classes or invite us to do a training at your organization.  


Mediation Services

    When conflicts become too difficult to manage alone, but are too important to ignore, mediation is a great option for finding solutions and settling entrenched and protracted problems. 

     So what is mediation?

  • Mediation is a way to resolve misunderstandings, miscommunication, and conflicts.
  • People come together in a room to discuss their issue(s) and work together to develop a solution for moving forward.
  • Mediation is a confidential process, (using one or two trained, impartial mediators) that helps people find the best arrangements for their specific circumstances.
  • Mediation saves money compared to the court system and often results in a more pleasing outcome.

     You might find mediation helpful for:

  • Family Cases: marriage/separation/divorce, truancy, elder care, estates, wills and trusts
  • General: landlord-tenant, neighbors, business-consumer, business-debtor, personal injury
  • Workplace Cases: employee-employee, supervisor-employee, team projects
  • Organizational: homeowner associations, church/religious groups, schools, colleges


Mediation Trainings

     If you have ever considered becoming a trained mediator, now is the time to take the next step.  Connexus would like to provide you with training and education, as well as pair you with a more experienced mediator to give you the valuable experience you need. 

     Contact us if you are interested in developing the skill of mediation.


STAR (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience) Trainings:

     STAR began in the wake of the events of September 11, 2001 as a partnership between Church World Service and Eastern Mennonite University-Center for Justice and Peacebuilding to equip community leaders to understand the dynamics of trauma and healing, and their linkage to issues of conflict, justice and peace. Since then, thousands of people from more than 60 countries have participated in STAR seminars.

     STAR aims to strengthen the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to:

          • understand the impacts of trauma, 
          • interrupt cycles of violence, and 
          • build resilience 
          • at personal, community and societal levels.

     STAR is for people whose work brings them in contact with populations dealing with current or historic trauma: mental health, medical and legal professionals, clergy, educators, peacebuilders, humanitarian, human rights and development workers — all those who need to be trauma-informed in order to do trauma-sensitive programming.

     A certified STAR Practitioner can be made available to facilitate a STAR training for your group upon request. For more information about the STAR program, or to host a STAR training, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 



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