Our Connexus


Do you have a desire to see the culture of conflict transformed in our community?  If so, consider supporting Connexus with your time and unique skill set.


Mediators and Facilitators

Are you a trained mediator or have a desire to learn how to be a mediator? If so, we would like to create opportunities for you to use this gift to transform conflicts in our community.

Trainers, Advocates, and Supporters

Some enjoy public speaking and training others. If this is one of your strengths, and you believe in our mission of “reconciling relationships and developing community through education and dialogue,” then join us in getting the word out!

Or perhaps your time is limited or you prefer to do things behind the scenes. If so, every organization needs help with simple things like baking cookies for events, hanging posters, or sending thank you notes. Let us know that you would like to be involved and we will find a way for you to chip in.

Thanks for considering!