What We Do

Our Mission

Our Mission

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Connexus works to transform the culture of conflict in Holmes and Wayne Counties of Ohio by reconciling relationships and developing community through education and dialogue.

To reach this ambitious goal, Connexus focuses on 3 key initiatives:

  1. Raising awareness about the existence and availability of alternatives to common methods of dispute resolution (dialogue, mediation, and restorative practices instead of litigation, avoidance, and violence).
  2. Providing Mediation and Conflict Management Training to interested and qualified individuals seeking to build their skills and help their community.
  3. Connecting individuals and groups experiencing conflict to qualified mediators and practitioners of restorative dialogue.

A large part of this work is listening to you!  What questions do you have about conflict and how to handle it?  What resources or training would you love to have access to?

Let us know!  That's what we're here for!