If you are experiencing a conflict at home, at work, or elsewhere, contact us to see how we can work with you.

Once you reach out to us, one of our mediators will be in touch as soon as possible with next steps. 

  Often, these include:

  • Meeting with you and getting to know the context and concerns you have.
  • Meeting individually (when possible) with the others involved to hear their concerns and perspectives as well.
  • Coordinating a meeting between all parties where everyone can hear all the issues and feel heard themselves.
  • Helping the parties to establish an action plan to follow moving forward.

Absolutely!  As an alternative to other harmful or punitive ways of solving conflicts, mediation aims to find a solution that all parties can agree to work towards.  Active participants in mediation often leave the process feeling like they were respected, heard, and have a solid plan to move forward with the relationship that was in conflict.

We love to share stories of the transforming power of restorative approaches to conflict and plan to do so in the future on our website.  Please ask us about a few when you reach out!


At this time, there is no set cost to our services.  In coordination with the mediator, we ask that parties who find our services to be helpful make a donation as they are able to help us help others.  Please see our Donate Page for how to do this.

Send Us A Message

Need to contact a mediator for yourself or someone else?

Please fill out this form with as much detail about what kind of services you are seeking and we'll be in touch with next steps!


Areas of Service

Our mediators are available to assist with a variety of family situations that may require a third party to help parties find an agreeable resolution.

  • Divorce Custody
  • Elder Care
  • Estate Settlement
  • Family Meetings
Businesses, Non-Profits, Universities, & Civic Organizations

Connexus strives to support the work of our area businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, and civic organizations with dialogue support to help transform conflict and restore productivity and healthy working environments.  Some example service follow:

  • Workplace Conflict Dialogue
  • Intra- or Inter-Group Facilitation
  • Internal or External Ombuds Service
Religious Communities

Connexus is rooted in and cares deeply for our communities of faith in Holmes & Wayne Counties.  Recognizing the conflict and hard work that often accompanies faith development, Connexus seeks to walk with leaders and members through:

  •  Clergy/Pastoral Support
  • Congregational Conflict Services
  • Congregational Transition Services

Are you a parent, teacher, or administrator wondering about what Connexus could do for your school system?  Contact us to ask about the following and more:

  • Restorative Discipline
  • Truency Resolution
  • Peer Mediation
Community Disputes

Connexus works to connect those in need of community dispute resolution to trained mediators.  Whether referred by the courts, law enforcement, or a group of neighbors, the goal of Connexus is to work to reconcile relationships in the community.