Beginnings - Connexus



2000-2009:  Center for Restorative Justice

Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) started and operated in Holmes and Wayne counties mediating cases between victims and offenders with the intent of bringing resolution for all parties involved.

Appendix B
Appendix B
Appendix B
Appendix B
July 16, 2014:  Community Visioning Meeting

Included 18 stakeholders from Holmes/Wayne counties with a diverse representation of occupations discussing how to develop healthy conflict management resources for the area.

Opportunities and Needs:

  • Third-party services
  • Education and training
  • Organizational consulting and capacity building
  • Court and police referrals (e.g., VORP)
  • Family and interpersonal conflicts
  • Common Themes (See Photos)
    • Education and Training as a central focus
    • Network Focus (organic connections; using natural networks)
    • Central hub that can pull things together and disseminate technical skills and information
    • Faith-based component (if not at the center, then as the foundation), but reaching out to the community
    • Organic model—natural growth
September 2014 - December 2014: Putting Wheels on the Vision
  • Led by 12 individuals: Michael Amstutz, Larry Augsburger, Chet Eshlemen, Brad Fraelich, Kim Hartman, Dave Limbach, Matt Hamsher, Mark Leinbach, Gaye Santoro, Dayna Schrock, Sue Steiner, Lydell Steiner.
  • Met for three meetings and developed a job description and directive for a more formal steering committee.  (See Appendix C)
  • Goal:  Develop a platform for improving the conflict competence of residents and organizations in Holmes and Wayne Counties.  This will be achieved by:
  • Networking: Identify and match current community assets (people/organizations/resources) with community needs and opportunities.
  • Training: Develop capacity within individuals and organizations to address and manage conflict in healthy ways.
  • Services: Respond to conflicts (in families, businesses, churches, courts, neighbors) with tools such as facilitation, mediation, arbitration, circles, etc.
Appendix E
Appendix E
February 2015 - August 2016:  Steering Committee 

Led by 12 individuals: Kyle Barnes, Deborah Dutcher, Brad Fraelich, Mindy Fraelich, Kim Hartman, Dayna Schrock, Janice Shroyer, Corey Spitler, Lydell Steiner, Matt Hamsher, Mark Leinbach, Chris White

Primary tasks:

  • Dream and believe that we can improve our conflict competence
  • Develop a vision and mission statement
  • Select and design name and logo
  • Set up non-profit status
  • Develop website
  • Begin initial networking and outreach to the community

Appendix D:  Minutes from first Steering Committee meeting, February 23, 2015
Appendix E:  Minutes from visioning meeting, August 11, 2015; plus pictures