Appendix C

November 2014

Center for Healthy Conflict management/Job description for steering committee

  • Goal:  Develop a platform for improving the conflict competence of residents and organizations in Holmes and Wayne Counties.  This will be achieved by:
  • Networking: Identify and match current community assets (people/ organizations/resources) with community needs and opportunities
  • Training: Develop capacity within individuals and organizations to address and manage conflict in healthy ways.
  • Services: Respond to conflicts (families, businesses, churches, courts, neighbors) with tools like: facilitation, mediation, arbitration, circles, etc.

Guiding principles:

  • Focus on the Holmes and Wayne counties
  • Rooted in Christian faith and values, serving all faiths and backgrounds
  • Organic (image of planting a seed), means taking time, not pushing for funding or relying heavily on capital
  • Not rushing to articulate too much vision/direction before allowing the community to determine itself what it needs
  • Non-profit is the preferred structure to pursue

Composition of Steering Committee

  • 8-12 members
  • Target launch date: February 2015
  • Frequency of meetings:  10 Monthly meetings each year (taking a break in July and December) to be held at a central location yet to be determined
  • Diverse group reflecting the broader community (see matrix for details)
  • 2-year commitment
  • Persons who have vested interest

Initial focus and responsibilities:

  • Formalize vision, focus and possible name
  • Clarify needs and opportunities
  • Network with people and organizations, build asset map
  • Formalize structure and vehicle for the organization to move forward ie. non-profit, partner with another organization, independent, etc.
  • Develop training and service opportunities as outlined above